Whysel, Brett

Brett Whysel is grateful and proud to be teaching finance and decision-making as a full-time lecturer in the Business Management Department of BMCC. He hopes that teaching at BMCC will help, in a small way, to address economic inequality and injustice. Prior to this appointment, he taught as an adjunct for four years at the City College of New York’s MPA program. He taught Economics for Public Policy and a service design Capstone. In 2016, Mr. Whysel founded Decision Fish LLC to create the world’s best financial wellness programs for the majority of Americans who struggle financially. Mr. Whysel has 27 years experience as an investment banker to US municipalities and large nonprofits (public finance) at Merrill Lynch, Citigroup and Bank of Montreal. He developed new products and client-facing analytics as well as handled recruiting, training and management of analysts and associates.




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