Tuesday, July 27, 2021

TOPIC 3: Intersections between poverty, care, embodied identity, and personal motivation


jean amaral, Open Knowledge Librarian and Associate Professor, BMCC

Workshop leaders

Cara O’Connor and Christine Farias

Tuesday, July 27 — 9am – 2pm

9:0010:00Reflection and discussion about topic themes and readings
10:1512:30Pedagogy Workshop with jean amaral
12:301:00Lunch break
1:002:00Pedagogy Workshop with Farias and O’Connor


The focus of the day will be exploring identity and types of embodiment and their implications for how we think about poverty, care, and aspiration. On Friday Ramos-Zayas, Wolfe, and Morton will bring their expertise to different facets of this topic. On Tuesday we will have workshops and a discussion about locating resources led by jean amaral and institute co-directors O’Connor & Farias.

Key Questions

  • What does it mean to “embody” poverty and deprivation, on the one hand, or well-being on the other?
  • What do looks, acts, gestures, and accents have to do with perceptions of who is poor and what “kind” of poor person they are? (deserving or undeserving; safe or dangerous)
  • Why is dependency treated as the exception rather than the norm?
  • What are the potential costs of upward mobility?
  • How do first person-narratives push back against objectification of poor bodies?
  • How do representations of poverty affect the way people see themselves?
  • What does addressing poverty tell us about ethics of care and what does ethics care tell us about addressing poverty?

Topic 3 –  Required Readings and Resources

Required readings will be available on our website and @ the “Required Readings Folder.”


Topic 3 – Additional Readings and Resources Folder

> Click the above link to go to the Institute Folder for Additional Readings and navigate to Topic 3 for an evolving list of readings and resources.




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