Harini Mittal work-in-progress

BUS 54 – Entrepreneurship

Bronx Community College

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the dimensions of poverty that impact students and their larger community
  2. Recognize and discuss successful role models of businesses from inner cities and/or under-resourced communities.
  3. Develop business ideas that can be a solution to at least of one of the dimensions of poverty identified.


For outcome 1: Show some documentaries on some dimensions of poverty such as homelessness, hunger, health care etc. Ask students then to share their experiences from their own personal understanding, using story-telling techniques.

For outcome 2: Explore resources such as ICIC, MWBE networks to discover success stories and document them.

For outcome 3: Brainstorm ideas to address challenges identified in outcome 1 using techniques like design thinking, improv etc.

Tools from Humanities that I plan to use

  1. Video record the elevator pitch
  2. Ask the team to present the group ideas and solutions in the form of a play
  3. Encourage the students to use improv, poems or even rap songs to express themselves

Texts/videos that I plan to use

“100 Fastest-Growing Inner-City Businesses,” Fortune. https://fortune.com/inner-city-100/

Urban Business Initiatives – Success Stories: https://icic.org/urban-business-initiatives/inner-city-100/ic100-success-stories/

Inner City Business Growth: https://icic.org/research/inner-city-business-growth/

Helping Entrepreneurs of Color Grow their BusinessEarly Insights from the Ascend 2020 Initiative (ICIC | UW Foster School of Business | JPMorgan Chase & Co., 12/2018) http://icic.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/ICIC_Ascend2020_Report_r8_final_post_v2.pdf

This is work in progress.


  • Amy Traver

    So many great resources here – thanks for sharing!


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