Farias, Christine

Dr. Christine Farias is an Associate Professor of Economics in the Department of Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice at BMCC/CUNY. Dr. Farias is an Environmental Economist and her main areas of research interest include poverty alleviation, sustainability, education, labor and ecological economics. Dr. Farias received her Ph.D. from Texas Tech University. Her most recent publications are in the International Journal of Social Economics on Teaching Social Economics: Bringing the real world into the classroom and taking the classroom into the real world and in the journal, Sustainability on Sustainability Mindsets for Strategic Management: Lifting the Yoke of the Neo-Classical Economic Perspective. Dr. Farias has participated in a Faculty Development Seminar on Diversity, Religion and Migration that took her to Senegal, West Africa. Currently she is participating virtually in a year long Faculty Development Seminar on Palestine, sponsored by the Palestinian American Research Center.




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