Warren, Jamie

Dr. Jamie Warren has a Ph.D. in American History from Indiana University, and she is a tenured Assistant Professor at BMCC/CUNY where she teaches American history, the history of women, and gender, and women’s studies. Her research focuses on slavery in antebellum South with a particular focus on death, the body, and the philosophy of history. She has given numerous lectures at Think Olio, on topics ranging from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Feminism, to a philosophy of history Seminar called “Where is Your ‘Right Now?’”

Palit, Mahatapa

Dr. Mahatapa Palit is the Chairperson of the Business Management Department at BMCC. She started her career in marketing research and went on to get a doctoral degree in business management focused on consumer behavior. Before joining BMCC in 2003, she spent four years with a technology startup as its marketing director. 

Prof. Palit’s research interests cover the marketing of the arts; entrepreneurship; and the role of community colleges in building career pathways for students. She is currently the Co-PI of a grant from the Kaufmann foundation that enables students to see themselves as researchers and scholars as they explore the entrepreneurial eco-system of their communities. In 2016, she co-managed a grant involving BMCC and CUNY students that explored the role of performing arts and humanities on education, community, and economy using student voices and experiences to study the development of a creative campus.

O’Connor, Cara

Dr. Cara O’Connor is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at BMCC/CUNY, where she has taught since 2014. In 2017 she received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Stony Brook University with the dissertation, “Empowerment Respect, Self-Respect, and Political Liberalism.” Working at the intersection of political theory, conceptual ethics, feminist care theory, and disability theory, O’Connor is interested in the different ways respect is demanded and leveraged in political and ethical discourse. O’Connor currently co-directs the Society for Women in Philosophy-New York City (SWIP-NYC).

Farias, Christine

Dr. Christine Farias is an Associate Professor of Economics in the Department of Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice at BMCC/CUNY. Dr. Farias is an Environmental Economist and her main areas of research interest include poverty alleviation, sustainability, education, labor and ecological economics. Dr. Farias received her Ph.D. from Texas Tech University. Her most recent publications are in the International Journal of Social Economics on Teaching Social Economics: Bringing the real world into the classroom and taking the classroom into the real world and in the journal, Sustainability on Sustainability Mindsets for Strategic Management: Lifting the Yoke of the Neo-Classical Economic Perspective. Dr. Farias has participated in a Faculty Development Seminar on Diversity, Religion and Migration that took her to Senegal, West Africa. Currently she is participating virtually in a year long Faculty Development Seminar on Palestine, sponsored by the Palestinian American Research Center.

Bishop, Sangeeta

Dr. Sangeeta Bishop is the Chairperson of the Department of Social Sciences, Human Services & Criminal Justice at BMCC/CUNY. She is an Associate Professor of Economics. Her areas of expertise are econometrics and applied microeconomics. She has a Ph.D. from Northwestern University. Dr. Bishop’s dissertation was awarded the Young Economist Essay Award by European Association for Research in Industrial Economics. She has over 20 years of teaching experience and involvement with student advisement and curriculum review. She is interested in collaborative learning and has managed a grant exploring the role of arts and humanities on BMCC students. She is one of the steering committee members for BMCC’s Strategic Plan, member of BMCC’s Middle States Steering Committee and co-chair of Standard II: Ethics and Integrity for Middle States Standards Working Groups. She has also served as the chair of BMCC’s Academic Senate.