Nora Almeida

Nora Almeida is Assistant Professor in the Library Department at New York City College of Technology and a member of the library‚Äôs instruction team. She teaches library credit courses including the place-based interdisciplinary course Learning Places. She is the subject specialist for the Human Services and Architectural Technology Departments and also teaches information literacy sessions for English Composition and Public Speaking classes. Prof. Almeida also leads library outreach and instructional design activities and you might find her screenprinting with students during club hour or working to integrate library resources into educational technology platforms like OpenLab.

Alongside her work at City Tech, Prof. Almeida is a long-time volunteer at Interference Archive, an exhibition space, community center, and open-stacks archive of social movement ephemera in Park Slope, Brooklyn. At Interference she helps with educational programing, coordinates class visits, runs Wikipedia edit-a-thons, and helps with events and exhibitions.




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